ESG Centre


ESG is now at the centre of decision making for businesses, investors and influencers as the case for sustainability comes of age. The largest asset managers become more vocal and more active on ESG and top active holders and private equity are further integrating ESG factors into their allocation decisions.

Collective assets under management represented by the UN Principles for Responsible Investment Signatories increased by over 20% in 2020 from US$86.3 trillion to US$103.4 trillion. Regulators are also embedding both ESG and its reporting into regimes, and opponents of some industries are increasingly using it to disturb and disrupt company operations and commercial positions.

It’s why building an authentic, dynamic and tailored ESG program is a critical business imperative. Sharing these risk management systems, targeted investments and measurable progress against very clear commitments with stakeholders (ranging from employees to investors) can protect a company’s license to operate, enhance market reputation, and facilitate access to capital and credit finance.

Our members identified ESG and capital markets as an area Australian Energy Producers should prioritise in its expanding remit, focusing on more positive and impactful external commentary, explaining policy to market from a holistic industry perspective, and providing updates on global ESG trends and advice on investor sentiment.

This portal delivers will evolve and grow, just like your ESG journey. If you would like to support this initiative by providing content into the portal (briefs, facts sheet or running a webinar) please connect with me at [email protected].

Wayne Calder
Director – Economics